Questions you SHOULD ask and Answers you MUST have Before you Spend a Cent on Office Design and Furniture

Who are you and why should I care?
A very important question, and one everybody must ask before committing significant time and
money into an office fit out.
Office Comforts has been operating over 15 years providing quality pre-made and custom
made furniture and office equipment. We provide office fit outs to government and business,
mining companies setting up far from towns and suburbs…as well as professionals and start up
businesses operating from their home or garage.
We design, manufacture and install office fit outs which meet building, regulatory and OH&S
requirements which look guide and are ideally suited to our client’s work needs. The end result
is a tailor made office space which looks great for your staff, clients and helps keep you on the
cutting edge of your industry.

How am I protected if things go wrong? Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, absolutely! We firmly believe if you can’t guarantee something…you shouldn’t sell it in the
first place. We have a series of guarantees in place to protect you should the unexpected occur.
I won’t list all of them, but here are a few:
1. In the unlikely event the finished work is not exactly as you described or expected we will
fix it till it suits you or pay a competitor to do your office fit out for you
2. You receive a full Five Year Warranty on all parts and mechanisms
3. We guarantee our workplace systems will make your workplace more productive and
give you the greatest Return on Investment possible